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Ovens and Furnaces

RSTech provides complete circuit design and programming for various oven and furnace manufacturers. We specialize in safety limit circuits for burner control and the associated supporting control panels. The designs account for purging systems and flame safety relays. Ovens and …


Custom Machinery

RSTech can provide complete automation services and systems for OEMs that build custom machinery for all industries. We can support any custom machine needs, from small assembly cells, to large processing lines. RSTech can act as an extension of your …


Rectifier Automation

RSTech can connect SCR and Switch Mode type rectifiers to today’s state- of- the- art PLC’s and HMI’s. Rectifier Automation Gallery


Automated Hoist Lines

RSTech can provide control systems for single or multiple hoist systems.  Program control can be adapted for the end user as a simple fixed cycle or a complex multi-cycle. Fixed Cycle Our fixed cycle hoist control system can be used for …


Control System Design

Drawings can include: Complete control system design based on specification or recommendations by RSTech Meaningful device and wire labels that correspond to the page and line of the drawing Standard North American symbols Complete auxiliary references for relays, motor starter, …


HMI Programming

RSTech offers various levels of HMI programming including Complete programs for new equipment Complete programs for existing equipment requiring upgraded automation and controls Small programming additions to existing equipment to enhance performance such as reducing overall cycle time or streamlining …


PLC Programming

RSTech’s primary service is PLC programming.  Our PLC programs are well planned and feature rung comments on every rung explaining in plain English what the rung’s purpose is.  We use UDTs (User Defined Tags) and Add-on instructions in conjunction with …


Control Panel Building

RSTech provides complete electrical control panels for virtually any type of automated equipment.  Our custom panels are designed with extra capacity to accommodate future additions by providing spare I/O points and terminals, extra DIN rail, empty PLC slots, and by …