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We have special relationships with all of our clients, read about what some of them have to say:

Rob Simpson is one of the most competent programmers I have worked with to date.  Not all programmers are created equal, and Rob proves that with determination and insight to overcome obstacles other programmers avoid.  RSTech is professional, honest and upfront and always keeps the customers best interests in mind.  That, combined with the most competitive pricing, prompt service and vast electrical knowledge, is why RSTech has been the preferred source for JBC’s industrial automation needs for over 10 years.

-Jason Smith, Project Manager, JBC Surface Finishing Systems Ltd, Chatham, Ontario

I’ve been working with Rob Simpson and the staff at RSTech for the last 12 years, and I must say it has never been disappointing. RSTech has always been professional, courteous, concise, on-time and extremely supportive with all our requirements. The attraction is not only in their knowledge and dedication, but the foresight to stay current and updated with the rapid change in technology. I rely heavily on their recommendations with equipment selection for our needs and process control strategy. Their service support is second to none; always making time to meet our needs. I’m extremely pleased to be working with such a fine company and look forward to a long and continued relationship.

-John George, President, Main Flame Industrial Services Ltd., Windsor, Ontario

In a recent automated acquisition, we worked with RSTech and we are happy to say that we really enjoyed the experience. They excel at delivering professional service. The quality of work is technically second to none.  We enjoyed the open communication strategies that RSTech employed. I highly recommend anyone to use RSTECH.

-Christian Houle, Maintenance Engineer, Messier-Dowty Inc., Mirabel, Quebec

I’ve had a working relationship with RSTech for the last decade. I am always impressed with the Quality, Professionalism & Technical Support throughout the entire project.  I may design the equipment, but I look to Rob and his team to make the systems work.

-Steve Kresan, Owner, Universal Designs, Chatham, Ontario

Rob has been a joy to work with.  His enthusiastic and positive attitude was amazing considering the countless change requests.  Not once did we detect a glimpse of frustration or a loss of patience when dealing with the numerous modifications. Rob was a great form of energy to work with.

-L.Norcini, IFP, Chatham, Ontario