Control System Design

Drawings can include:

  • Complete control system design based on specification or recommendations by RSTech
  • Meaningful device and wire labels that correspond to the page and line of the drawing
  • Standard North American symbols
  • Complete auxiliary references for relays, motor starter, overloads, and more
  • Printed and electronic copies always supplied
  • Fuse list with type and rating
  • Communication overview where applicable
  • For OEMs your company logo can appear in the title bar

RSTech offers various levels of drawings and design including:

  • Complete control system design and drawings for new equipment
  • Complete control system design and drawings for existing equipment requiring upgraded automation and controls
  • Design and drawings for additions to existing equipment to provide new functionality such as the addition of a new motor, button, sensor, etc
  • Complete drawing sets for existing equipment that has missing or incomplete drawings
  • All drawings are provided in AutoCAD Electrical (.dwg) format
  • Drawings are not copyright protected and can be viewed and modified by the end user

Control System Design Gallery